As we transition from the snowy, rainy, windy, icy conditions of Winter, we are looking ahead to Spring. With Spring comes aspirations of revitalizing lawns, landscaping the yard, and making improvements to the house. These projects are about more than just renting the equipment. Our hope for this blog is to provide you with a resource and extra guidance for those do-it-yourself projects.

Our blog posts will consist of a variety of topics; tips on using our equipment safely, completing those home improvement projects, tips on the rental process, and an inside look at the latest news and events at Bunce Rental.

Each post will be written by one of our staff members, many with a long standing careers in the rental industry, as well as experience in completing their own home improvement projects.

Ray Bonnes manages our Tacoma store. Ray began his rental career with us in the 1980’s. He has a vast amount of experience in our industry from management to opening new rental stores in Longview WA and Salem OR. Ray’s career brought him back to Bunce Rental last summer and he is very happy to be back home in the Tacoma area and to be a part of the Bunce Rental team again.

Mark Piper manages our South Hill store. Sometimes simply referred to as “Piper”, Mark spent several years working with the U.S. Forestry Service before coming to work for us back in 1978. Since then, he’s worked in many aspects of our business.

Mark “Howdy” Hafterson, our service manager, started out at Bunce Rental upon graduating from high school. He and his mechanics are our go to team for keeping our equipment and service vehicles up and running. He’s been known to do 99.9% of his own home improvement projects as well.

Mike Blaisdell began his career with us in 1978 as a sophomore in high school and upon completing his business degree became manager of the Tacoma location. He currently is our General Manager, overseeing all of our rental divisions. Mike’s active involvement in the American Rental Association keeps us up-to-date on the latest trends in the rental industry.

Leah Hafterson is our executive administrative assistant. She oversees our marketing programs and community partnerships. Her career with us began following her freshman year of college as a customer service representative during breaks. Though as the daughter of our service manager, Mark Hafterson, her familiarity with the rental industry began as a child.

To learn more about our blog team members, go to About The Blog Team page to learn more about their areas of expertise.

Look for a new post about every other Wednesday. In between, we may throw in some post highlighting events here at Bunce Rental. If you have ideas for a topic you’d like to see us cover, leave us a comment.


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