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The approach of Spring brings several events in on the heels of winter including a food drive, new equipment, a used equipment sale, and the “Work Smarter, Not Harder” blog series.

Food Drive

Emergency Food NetworkWe’re partnering with the Emergency Food Network and hosting a food drive April 2 – 14. Drop off non-perishable food items at any of our locations and we’ll make sure they get to the Emergency Food Network who will then distribute the items to food banks throughout Pierce County. For list of the items most wanted by the Emergency Food Network, go to our website at

New Equipment

Unloading a Delivery of Jack Hammers

Spring is when the equipment we’ve purchased from The Rental Show in February begins to arrive and become available for rent. So far we’ve added the following items to our line-up

  • 60# Electric Dewalt Jack Hammers
  • Ozone Generator
  • Yard Marvel Rototillers
  • Oztech Concrete Vibrators

More equipment is on it’s way.  Once it’s gets to the store, our mechanics assemble the products. Only after the equipment passes inspection is it distributed to the stores and made available for rental. We’ll post updates here and on our Facebook page announcing the equipments arrival and when it’s ready to rent.

Used Equipment Sale

New equipment means some of our older inventory needs to be sold to make room for it. Plate compactors, snakes, pressure washers, and more are available for purchase. A complete listing of prices and equipment for sale can be found on our website

As more new equipment comes in, we’ll be adding more items to sale list. So if you don’t see something you are currently looking for, remember to check back with us in the weeks ahead.

“Work Smarter, Not Harder”

“Work Smarter, Not Harder” is an upcoming series to be featured on our blog. Written by Tacoma branch manager, Ray Bonnes, “Work Smarter, Not Harder” reflects Ray’s philosophy for working on those home improvement projects. Ray’s posts will provide insights into applying that philosophy to your projects through a variety of tips  ranging from safety on the job site to selecting the right equipment.

Whether you rent your tools, purchase some of our older inventory, or follow Ray’s blog posts, we’re here to provide you with the right tools and information for your projects. Though as far as the weather goes, we can only wish we could provide the ideal weather for your outdoor project. If that’s the case, we carry tools for those indoor projects too.


 Mark Piper
Store Manager, South Hill

As the days grow longer and we see more dry weather, everybody’s thoughts turn to getting their gardens and yards ready to plant. For 30 years, I’ve been lucky enough to work for company that stocks a complete line of ground prepping rototillers. We stock “As Seen On TV” Mantis tillers through large 4 foot tractor tillers, each designed to till soil for different applications.

Front-Tine Garden Tiller

For those of use that are lucky enough to already have completely landscaped yards and gardens, the Mantis is the tiller of choice. Light weight and compact, it is designed to be used around the existing plants and shrubs, turning in mulch and bedding materials. It also can be used to cultivate the soil in your flower gardens when you are applying granulated fertilizer or soil amendments.

Next is the front-tine garden tiller. Having a garden, I know how much fun this machine can be to use in areas of glacial till; it seems like the rocks multiply every year. By definition, this machine is designed to be used on areas that have been previously tilled for gardens each.The tiller is not self propelled, but is pulled along by the tines as they dig into the soft soil. It is an entirely different story if you try using this type of tiller on an existing lawn or natural soil. It is like hanging on to a wild animal as it jumps and bucks. In the existing garden, it will give you a medium work and leave the soil ready to go as soon as the weather breaks in May or June.

Rear-Tine Rototiller

The Barreto 13 HP Rear-Tine Rototiller

The self-propelled tiller and the tractor-mounted tillers are designed and sized for prepping the soil to plant a yard. This can be a daunting job as the ground around here is as hard as a rock and full of them. These machines are quite large and heavy, designed for cutting through and turning under sod and vegetation in preparation for that new yard. Since these machines are self-propelled (or in the case of the tractor, its a ride on), they make the job go faster and smoother. This is one time when size does matter and you will appreciate that the machine is doing the work and not your arms and back.

Remember the machine is supposed to do the heavy lifting. I have been on the receiving end of all four types of rototillers over the years and can tell you that the right machine makes the job a medium amount of work. If in doubt, call and ask before you rent and get the right rototiller the first time.