Seminar Recap

Posted: May 16, 2012 by Bunce Rental in equipment rental, hardwood floors, Home Improvement, tool rentals

Thank you to everyone who attended our Hardwood Floor Sanding Seminar earlier this month.  We hope that you found Jim Wolfe’s information and advice helpful in completing your own project. If  you didn’t have a chance to attend the seminar, we’ve provided links to a number of resources Essex Silverline has on their website for refinishing and installing hardwood floors. Or if you stop by our Tacoma store (4516 South Tacoma Way), we can provide of a copy of  a “How-To” DVD from Essex Silverline covering the same topics as the seminar.

Essex Silverline Rep., Jim Wolfe discusses the purpose of using a Floor Edger to sand a hardwood floor.

Thank you to Jim Wolfe for spending the day with us and providing his assistance expertise to put on the seminars. He not only made sure that we had a host of How-To materials to hand out to attendees and others, he built the floor used for the demonstration.

Jim Wolfe demonstrates the use of the drum sander.

Having the floor to demonstrate on also gave attendees the opportunity to try out the different sanding machines for themselves.

The attendees weren’t the only ones who learned something new. Some of our employees were able to learn a few things as well by attending the seminar.

Jim Wolfe gives assistant manager, Jason Riley, a few pointers on using the Floor Edger.

Given the positive response our first seminar has received, we are thrilled to announce that we are planning another seminar for the fall. As yet the topic is to be determined. We are currently seeking ideas on topic to feature at the next seminar as well as ideas for seminars in 2013. We’ve provided a three question to survey in which you can let us know what topics you would be interested in attending a seminar on.

Click here to take survey

From all of us here at Bunce Rental, have a wonderful week and enjoy the gorgeous weather that has finally arrived.


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