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Maintenance of equipment while on a job site wouldn’t be our first choice to cover in blog post. But even with the best laid plans and service before it goes out, equipment sometimes doesn’t perform to expectation on the job site.  It’s an unpleasant reality of using equipment and tools. When that happens we’ll do our best to get the equipment up and running so you can finish your project.

If you’ve rented equipment and it is not working like it should,  call the store you rented it from right away.  Even if it’s something minor, you feel you could make do with it, give us a call to let us know there is a problem.  We want to make sure your job goes as smoothly as possible.

Depending on the circumstances of the equipment malfunction, we have a variety of options available.

1) Phone Consultation. Sometimes the equipment needs just a slight adjustment such as a switch flipped on or the machine needs to be set on more level ground. Minor fixes such as this can be done over the phone.

2) On-site Repairs. With some lines of equipment, we may opt to send a service technician to the  job site to determine if the equipment can be repaired. If the equipment can be repaired on-site, the service will go ahead and do so. If the equipment cannot be repaired on-site, the equipment will be taken back to the shop and arrangements made to exchange equipment or reschedule if possible.

3) Repairs In-Store and/or Equipment Exchange.  If the machine can’t be fixed over the phone or on-site, we recommend exchanging it for a different machine. With many of our smaller tool & equipment lines, we generally carry a surplus of equipment and can exchange the equipment quicker than repairing the equipment on the job site.  If we do not have a replacement available, we will work with you to reschedule.

Equipment repairs and malfunctions are inconvenient and we wish they didn’t happen. However, when they do happen, we want to ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible. So if the equipment you rented is not working properly please call us. We will do everything we can to get it working properly and keep your project on track.


Today Is The Day!

Posted: July 12, 2012 by Bunce Rental in Bunce Rental, equipment rental, Home Improvement, Rental Tips

You’ve had this day set aside for weeks. The weather is cooperating. Your help is standing by waiting to spring into action. You’ve picked up the materials you need from the hardware store. All that’s needed is to stop by the rental store and rent the equipment necessary to finish a home improvement project that will make Bob Vila drool with envy.

With everything lining up perfectly for this project there’s no way anything could go wrong and derail this project. The equipment at the rental yard is just sitting waiting for you to pick it up. No reservations required.

Sometimes, the show up and it’s there approach does work. However, this method is a gamble and could set your project back with out some proper planning. To help minimize the unexpected road bumps, we offer a few tips for having your rental equipment ready to pick up ahead of time.

1) Contact the rental store ahead of time. Call or drop by several days ahead of time to speak with the rental store staff about what you’re looking to rent and your project.  By taking time to discuss your project with our staff, we can help ensure you are getting the right piece of equipment for your project. In any case, a little research and advice will help ensure project day isn’t derailed by having the wrong equipment or materials. You’ll have time to make adjustments and stay on budget.

2) Reserve equipment. This ensures the equipment will be ready and waiting for you on project day, especially if it’s a popular item or an item that is shuffled between our different locations. We recommend at latest calling to reserve at least 3-4 days ahead of time. If we need to transfer the equipment from another store, this window gives us time to have it transferred to the store you’d like to pick it up from. In instances where the equipment is being delivered, we’re better able to schedule the delivery time  more to your convenience.

3) Prepare the project site. Do as much of the preparation work on the project site as you can ahead of time. Rental equipment is rented based on the amount of time it is out, not just based on how long it’s been used. Whether that’s having your underground utilities marked for a digging project or taping off and covering areas where you’ll be painting nearby, it’ll save you time and money with the rental equipment.

4) Have photo ID and a credit or debit card at the counter. In order to rent equipment, we require photo ID such as a driver’s license to be presented and a credit or debit card for deposit.  The credit or debit card will be charged at time of rental a minimum of the estimated cost of the rental. We cannot rent out equipment without charging the debit or the credit card for the deposit.

5) Secure the proper vehicle for transporting equipment. Just as important as having the right tool for the  job is having the right vehicle to transport the equipment. Some equipment will fit in your run of the mill car or SUV. Though if you’re concerned about the equipment getting your vehicle dirty, you may not want to use that vehicle for transporting equipment. If at all possible, especially when it comes to larger equipment, use a vehicle such as pick up truck for transporting equipment. There will less worries about whether equipment will fit. If you’re planning to rent a trailer, remember to check with our staff about the requirements that the towing vehicle must meet (as mandated by our insurance company) to be able to rent the equipment. More information can be found on towing can be found on our website.