Propane Gallery of Horrors

Posted: August 22, 2012 by Bunce Rental in Bunce Rental, Propane Safety
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Federal regulations require that propane tanks must be outfitted with an overflow protection device (OPD) and re-certified after 12 years from the date stamped on the tank. Tanks that have been re-certified must then be re-certified every 5 years.

Years ago, one of our salesmen put together a poster of with photos of propane tanks that had not been properly inspected or certified. Some tanks are also in poor condition with rusting and pitting that makes the tank a safety hazard. We’ve compiled those photos here.


Tank Valve Installed without Relief valve, Cylinder ruptured when overfilled.


Relief valve plugged from being in fire, Cylinder overfilled, causing near rupture.


Relief valve malfunction; ruptured overfilled cylinder


Relief valve designed for 20# cylinder installed into a 100# cylinder. Inadequate relieving caused over pressurizing and rupture.


Valve installed with galvanized water pipe bell reducier designed for 40# working pressure and no protective collar.


Rusted out bottom of cylinder and broken condition


Rusted, pitted bottom of 100# cylinder


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