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Toys For Tots Toy Drive

Posted: November 29, 2012 by Bunce Rental in Bunce Rental, News & Events, Toys For Tots


We had so much fun last year with our Toys For Tots Toy Drive, we signed up again to be drop-off locations for Toys For Tots. As of today we’ve collected 141 toys for Toys For Tots.

Last week, we spoke with the local coordinator, George Hight. He estimates they need about 75,000 toys to provide Christmas presents for approximately 30,000 children in Pierce County.

You can help Toys For Tots reach that goal by dropping off new, unwrapped toys at any of our stores, including American Party Place and American Medical Rental & Supply from now through December 22. (Please note that American Party Place will be open to take toy donations on Christmas Eve, December 24 from 9 am to 12 pm.) Our locations are listed below with links to our store hours.

Bunce Rental Locations
Tacoma, 4516 S. Tacoma Way, Tacoma Wa. 98409
Puyallup, 1812 E. Main, Puyallup Wa. 98372
South Hill, 13614 Meridian E., Puyallup Wa. 98375
Spanaway, 13621 Pacific Ave., Tacoma Wa. 98444

American Party Place (open Christmas Eve, December 24, until Noon)
4522 South Tacoma Way Tacoma, WA 98409

American Medical Rental & Supply Locations
4358 South Washington Tacoma, WA 98409
Puyallup, 1812 E. Main, Puyallup Wa. 98372

Other Ways to Help Toys For Tots

There are more ways to help Toys For Tots than donating toys. Here are a few campaigns going on now.

Make a financial donation online at the official Toys For Tots website.

Vote to have Darius Rucker deliver $10,000 full of toys to your local Toys For Tots campaign. Read more about Darius Rucker’s $10,000 Holiday Toy Drop here.

Pay off the lay away balance for someone else at your local Toys “R” Us. When you pay off someone else’s layaway balance, Toys “R” Us will donate $200 worth of toys to Toys For Tots. Read more


High peaks and tricky eaves can present a challenge when putting up christmas lights whether it’s just a few strands or enough to be seen from outer space. Thankfully, you have options for safely getting to these areas without falling off the roof Clark Griswold style.

1) Ladders

We offer a selection of ladders from 8′ step ladders to 40′ extension ladders. Provided you don’t need to climb on the roof or leaning to reach a peak or section of the house, a ladder should suffice to put up lights. Remember to follow proper safety procedures as outline by OSHA when using portable ladders found on their website.

Portable Ladder Safety Tips From OSHA

2) Scaffolding

Scaffolding will give you a larger platform to walk around the outside of the house, no matter what the terrain is. Our outdoor scaffolding can be rented with up to three levels. One level is 6′ high. Two levels is 11′ high. Three levels are 18′ high. If you are putting up  lights inside your, home we have narrower indoor scaffolding. The indoor scaffolding can also be used on staircases.  As with ladders, reaching the higher peaks from the scaffolding may be difficult. Leaning out over the scaffolding rails to reach parts of the house or putting a ladder on the scaffolding platform are highly discouraged due to the increased chance of falling.

3) Aerial Platform Lifts

We have several different options when it comes to aerial platform lifts. Scissor Lifts will work on flat hard surfaces and work for going straight up and down with heights up to 20′ and 26′. You can drive them from the basket to the next spot. Should your Christmas light scheme require more height, take place on grass, gravel,or dirt, or requires getting up and over parts of the house, we recommend our articulating boom lifts. Our trailer-mounted units will reach heights of up to 34′ or 43′. (Maximum height is dependent on the angle of the boom and how far out it is). These lifts will require a 3/4 ton or larger full-size pick up truck to maneuver around the yard. If you’re looking for a lift that is self-propelled and all terrain, our 46′ Genie Z-Boom articulating lifts will fit the bill. They can position you next to most areas of the house and be driven from the basket. For safety, OSHA does required the use of a safety harness on our trailer-mounted lifts and the 46′ Z-Boom. If you are unable to provide your own harness or fall restraint kit, we do have safety harnesses available for purchase.

To learn more about our ladders, scaffolding, aerial platform lifts, and preventing a Clark Griswold type fall while putting up Christmas lights, visit our website, or call one of our stores to speak to our staff.

With colder temperatures coming our way, we felt it was time to share some tips for using some of our equipment in cold weather.

  1.  Pressure Washers – Must be stored some place where they cannot freeze during colder temperatures.  If the fluids inside the pressure washer freeze, this can cause damage to the water pump and hoses.
  2. Carpet /Rug Cleaners – Similar to a pressure washer, carpet cleaners have a water pump.  Take care to store carpet cleaners in a warm place so they will be safe from freezing temperatures.
  3.   U-Cart Concrete – Call us to see if the concrete batch plant is up and running during colder temperatures.  The batch plant may need time to thaw before we can mix concrete.
  4.   Using a tool that requires a 2-cycle fuel mix?  Make sure to start these up periodically even you’re not using them.  That way when you do need to use the tool, it will be easier to start and use.
  5.   Give equipment a chance to warm up.  Let the equipment run for 3-4 minutes before putting it in gear.  Hydraulic equipment such as Bobcats and Dingos are prone to significant damage from immediate use.  The oils need to thin out and warm up for the equipment to be effective.

It is really important to take extra care during the cold weather season. Freezing water in the pump, lines and/or heating coils of any equipment is susceptible to damage if not winterized or stored in a warm area.