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The Bunce Rental Blog Is Moving

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The Bunce Rental Blog is moving and getting a new address. All new blog posts will be found at, along with all previously posted blogs. For those of you who have subscribed to be notified via e-mail when a new blog is posted, take a moment to re-subscribe at the new address.


Shipp Carpet Cleaner Extractor Triumph 430

The Christmas decorations are put away and any out of town guests have returned to their homes.  The New Year has been rung in and your carpets show the effects of the holiday season as well as general use during the rest of the year.  Let’s not even mention the Super Bowl Party you hosted:  mud, dirt, wine and food stains, pet hairs – you name it; your floor has seen it.

You’ve tried vacuuming and scrubbing out the spots.  That “As Seen On TV” handheld carpet shampooer sort of did the job, but you are not happy.  Hiring a professional floor cleaner?  You’re not quite sold on the cost.  And the Rug Doctor at your local grocery store just didn’t clean the carpets as well as you thought it would.

You feel like you’ve tried everything.  You’re hoping the equipment rental store down the street has something that will do the trick.  Something that will make those carpets look almost new. You head on down to the local rental store and the customer service rep says yes; they do have something to clean your carpets – a carpet cleaner extractor!  When you ask them to compare their Carpet Cleaner Extractor to the Rug Doctor, they assure you that most of their customers, who have used both, prefer the Carpet Cleaner Extractor to the Rug Doctor, citing the differences between the machines:

Shipp “Triumph 430” Carpet Extractor Cleaner

  • 800-RPM Chevron shaped motion – Piano Hinge Floating Brush
  • Two Brass Spray Jets – 60 PSI ea.
  • 117” Water-lift Vacuum
  • Chevron shaped brush brings water towards center part of vacuum for better water recovery
  • Piano Hinge design allows brush t0 dig into carpet for great deep dirt lifting

Rug Doctor

  • Back & Forth Brush (Vibrating)
  • One Plastic Spray Jet – 28 PSI
  • 101” Water-lift Vacuum
  • Vibrating Action leaves water in Carpet
  • Fixed Brush

“What about shampoo and stain removers?” you ask.  The customer service rep shows you what is available for purchase including several spot and stain removers.  Which spot and stain remover you will need depends on what the stain is – as “oil based” stains are different than “protein based” stains.   Deodorizers are also available for purchase.  Shipp Carpet Systems has a chart on their website with more information on the different options for carpet cleaning solutions.

“What if I already have a carpet shampoo?” – remembering you have a bottle or two left at home.  You are relieved to hear that you can also use your solution and shampoo.

The customer service rep then proceeds to go over the operation of the machine with you; where to pour the solution in, which buttons to push to release the solution, how to move the machine across the floor.  They even show you the upholstery attachment available for rent and how to connect it to the machine, allowing you to clean your couches and stairs quickly and easily.

So you decide to give it try.

Have you tried our Carpet Cleaner Extractors?  Let us know how it worked on your carpets!