Diggin’ Up Holes

Posted: November 7, 2013 by Bunce Rental in Home Improvement, Lawn & Garden

If only the kids in the movie, “Holes”, had access to some of the posthole diggers we rent, perhaps their task of looking for the buried treasure would have been much easier.

Whether you are putting in fence posts, making test bores or pouring footings, we rent a wide range of tools to help you accomplish your digging job.  A posthole digger is ideal for many projects such as installing fence posts, decks, planting trees and shrubs, and more.

Manual Posthole Diggers

Often called a clamshell posthole digger, they kind of look like a giant pair of bolt cutters that are used upside down.  Manual posthole diggers are designed to clamp down on the spot of dirt, dig into the ground, and pull the dirt out, creating the hole for the post to go in.  A standard posthole digger will create holes for up to 4″ x 4″ posts.

2 Man Posthole Diggers

A 2-man posthole digger is one solution for jobs requiring a more powerful auger or for drilling larger diameter holes.  As the name suggests, this gas-powered machine requires two people to operate.  The engine sits at the center of the machine with the auger for drilling attached to the underside.  Four handles protrude horizontally from the motor base.  To operate, each person will grab two of the handles and aim the auger in the spot where the posthole is to be drilled, lowering the machine into the ground.  The machine is very user-friendly as the handles will flex under load to help absorb vibration and a centrifugal clutch is designed to slip on overload or sudden contact with buried obstructions like rocks.  They can be equipped with either a 6” or 9” diameter auger.


1 Man Posthole Diggers


A 1-man posthole is another solution for those jobs requiring a more powerful auger or for drilling larger diameter holes by putting the power of a two-man digger in the hands of one operator.  Perched on two wheels, these diggers kind of resemble a seesaw.  At one end of the posthole digger is the engine and auger – at the opposite end is the handle, which is used to maneuver and position the posthole digger, and to direct the auger up and down.  Again, this is a very user-friendly machine as the right angle frame design minimizes operator fatigue by eliminating torque kick back.  They can also be equipped with either a 6” or 9” diameter auger.

Posthole Attachments

Dingo Tracked Models

When renting a Bobcat or Dingo, you have the option of renting a posthole attachment. Both are good choices if you have a lot of holes to drill, harsh soil conditions or you require deeper, larger holes to be dug.  Both posthole attachments can drill holes up to 4′ deep and 30″ wide.  The Dingo is ideal for those “hard to get to” areas where you need more power than a 1 or 2-man posthole digger but not the space for the Bobcat unit.

With each of any of these items always wear protective clothing, gloves, eye and hearing protection.  Remember; with any digging project call your local utility company or 811 before you dig to locate underground wires or pipes.  To learn more about posthole digging equipment, call one of our stores to speak to our staff and determine which equipment is best suited to your project.


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