Invasion of the Lawn

Posted: November 7, 2013 by Bunce Rental in Home Improvement, Lawn & Garden

It’s like the “Invasion of the Blob”, going everywhere and into everything.  Nothing is safe; not your patio, not your flowerbeds, not your walkways, not even your home.  Without fighting back, your grass and lawn will take over the areas surrounding it, making your home’s curb appeal something to be desired.  When nature decides to take over like a blob-like invader, your only defense is to trim and edge your lawn.

A lawn edger helps remove weeds and trim grasses that grow over sidewalks, patios, driveways and curbs.  By creating a clean edge around your lawn, you define the area the lawn is to grow in and keep grass from growing up into your flower beds, patios, walk ways, driveways and anything else that is around your lawn.  Edging doesn’t have to be done weekly – every other mowing typically is enough.

The first step is to trim the grass around the edges; the grass and brush the lawn mower can’t quite cut down, leaving your lawn looking like it has a mo-hawk around the edges.  A weed eater will trim the grass down just fine.

Your next task will be to edge the lawn.  Edging the lawn will help keep grass from creeping outside of the boundaries you designate.  A lawn edger will accomplish this task just fine, with a perpendicular blade that cuts between the lawn and the areas surrounding it; a sidewalk, flower beds, trees, a patio or other part of your yard.

You’ll need to line up the edger blade with where you want your edging line to be.  Many lawn edgers have a guide or wheel guide that you can use to line up the blade.  You can also adjust the blade to cut at different depths.  A gas-powered lawn edger will start in a similar fashion to a lawn mower.  Then guide the edger along the lawn, creating your edge and giving your yard that extra something that gives it that extra appeal.

A lawn edger, like most power equipment needs to be operated with safety in mind.  Always wear protective clothing, gloves, eye and hearing protection.  The blade on a power lawn edger can also throw objects.  Make sure the safety guards are in place and that everyone stands back when the edger is running.  Be especially sure that children, pets or personal property (like vehicles) are not near the work area.  Keep the blade from making contact with concrete, asphalt, rocks or utility lines, such as landscape lighting wires.

Watch this video from DIY Network’s “Yard Crashers” for more tips on using a lawn edger.


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