The Trouble With Blackberries

Posted: November 7, 2013 by Bunce Rental in Home Improvement, Lawn & Garden

Blackberries – the bane of your yard’s existence.  They take over everything.  You cut them down or burn them, and they still strike back.  Many people will spray the plants with a woody brush-killer herbicide, but usually some blackberry root buds survive and send up shoots the next season.  The herbicide is also troublesome to surrounding plants and grass.

At Bunce Rental, we offer a variety of equipment options and tips for cutting or mowing those bothersome blackberry shoots.  If you prefer not to use an herbicide, these same options and tips will help you in controlling those pesky blackberry bushes, shoots and plants.

Brush Cutters

Brush Cutters resemble a weed eater but use a saw blade rather than string or cord.  The blade will knock down the bushes along with the brush and grass surrounding them.

Billy Goat High Grass Mowers

Provided the blackberry shoots or stalks aren’t so thick the mower can’t bend them over, the Billy Goat High Grass Mowers will cut the blackberry bushes down to size.

Bobcat or Skid Steer with the Ambusher mowing attachment.

For large jobs, our Bobcat with the Ambusher mowing attachment will cut blackberries and in less time than the brush cutter or Billy Goat mower.  The Ambusher is installed on the front of the loader in place of the bucket typically seen on bobcat and skid steers.  To cut down the blackberry bushes and brush, approach them with the Ambusher lifted up at an angle and bring it down on top of the brush.  The blade will cut the bushes and brush.  Keep in mind that if you are using a bobcat or skid steer with tires instead of tracks, you’ll need to keep the tires away from the blackberry bushes to prevent puncturing the tires.

Goodbye Blackberries?

Unfortunately, simply cutting back the blackberry bushes will not keep them from coming back.  Getting rid of blackberries takes time and sometimes multiple methods.

When the blackberry stalks or shoots are cut down, the roots and seeds still remain and the shoots will eventually grow back.  To remove the blackberry bushes and shoots permanently, continuing maintenance of the remaining roots and seeds is needed.  Oregon State University and Washington State University offer more information on the variety of controls available for getting rid of blackberries.


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