When The Shovel Doesn’t Dig It

Posted: November 7, 2013 by Bunce Rental in equipment rental, Home Improvement, Lawn & Garden

Laying sprinkler lines, electrical lines, or pipe isn’t necessarily time consuming itself. However, digging the trench or ditch needed is another matter. Depending on the size of the trench or ditch you need to dig, Bunce Rental has several options available for completing the task.  Remember; with any digging project call your local utility company or 811 before you dig to locate underground wires or pipes.


trencherwWhen it comes to digging, a trencher can dig a trench that’s 4”- 6” wide and up to 30” deep.  Our walk behind trenchers have an approximately 30″ long bar on the front that looks like an over-sized chain saw bar. The length of the bar indicates how deep the trencher will dig the trench. The bar can be adjusted higher or lower to dig the trench at your desired depth.  The resulting trench will be 4″ – 6″ wide.  Aside from the Vermeer trencher, we carry tracked trencher units from Toro, which have a 24″ digging bar as well as trenching attachment for our Toro Dingo’s, which have a 36” digging bar.

Trenchers are ideal for any application that requires a narrow trench width or digging in a tight space where a backhoe or excavator can’t fit.  They are not as ideal if you are working in rocky soil or ground conditions – they will work slower and have a tendency to bounce up and down as they dig.  It is also imperative to keep people from standing in front of these machines when they are operating because they will throw dirt and rocks in a forward direction.

Backhoes & Excavators


For deeper and wider trenches, we carry an array of backhoes and excavators capable of completing those tasks.  Our excavator line begins with what we call our “Baby Kubota” with a digging depth of 7.5′, a 12″ wide bucket, and variable width tracks (3’3″ to 4’1″).  It is perfect for getting into tight spaces.  Our larger mini excavators range from 10′ to 12′ digging depth and have 20″ wide buckets.


If you need the loader bucket to move dirt around as well as the digging arm, then a backhoe will do the trick. We carry two sizes of backhoes, a full-size Case 580 along with the mini backhoes, our Terramite T5 and T7.  The Case 580 backhoe has options when it comes to digging bucket size: 12″, 18″ or 24″ bucket width.  The Terramites are backhoes designed for small places being approximately 5′ wide and between 3000-4000 pounds. If you need something smaller still, our 3′ wide Toro Dingo’s also have a backhoe attachment for digging available.


Terramite T5 Backhoe

With each of these items always wear protective clothing, gloves, eye and hearing protection.  To learn more about our trenchers, backhoes and excavators, call one of our stores to speak to our staff and determine which equipment is best suited to your project.


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