When The Sod Is In The Way

Posted: November 7, 2013 by Bunce Rental in Home Improvement, Lawn & Garden

Some of the more fun and creative projects are enhancements to the yard and surrounding landscape.  Projects such as adding a garden or enlarging a patio, or even adding a gazebo or hot tub can be fun and rewarding.  One common problem with many of these projects is grass – grass that is in the way of your project.


For smaller jobs, a shovel and a garden/grub hoe can do the trick.  But if you want to clear grass for larger projects such as garden space or landscaping, you’re going to need a gas-powered sod cutter to do the job.  A sod cutter slices under the grass, loosening up the sod as you drive the mac

hine forward.  This enables you to pull up or roll the strips of old turf after cutting.  If you have an even larger area of sod to remove, you can always use an excavator or backhoe to loosen and remove the sod.

No matter how much sod you need to cut, you’ll find that choosing and using the right tool for the job will make this work a little easier.  The sod you remove is a valuable resource that can be transferred to other areas you’d like to make green and beautiful or disposed of by recycling.

For a quick tutorial on operating a Sod Cutter, check out this video from http://www.learningconstruction.com/.

Operating A Sod Cutter


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