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Toys For Tots: It’s A Wrap

Posted: December 26, 2013 by Bunce Rental in News & Events

Our final weekend of the Toys For Tots Toy Drive was our best this year. The amount of toys dropped off at our stores over weekend brought our total to double what it was on Friday.  We also surpassed our goal of collecting 1500 toys this year. Our grand total was 1618 toys.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Toy Drive and joined us to help local children in need  have a happier holiday and ensure they received Christmas presents.

We’d also like to thank companies, churches, organizations, and classes who took up collections and dropped them off at our stores. Your generosity is amazing.

To see photos from our toy drive check out our Facebook page.

We hope you had a great Christmas and plenty of quality time with friends and family.  All of us at Bunce Rental, American Party Place, and American Medical Rental & Supply wish you a Happy New Year!


Happiness & Cheer! Toys For Tots Is Here!

Posted: December 2, 2013 by Bunce Rental in News & Events
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By: Leah Hafterson, Assistant Manager/Executive Administrative Assistant

I can without a doubt say that the best part of my job at Bunce Rental is putting together the toy drive for Toys For Tots. Decorating the store, egging on the other stores as we compete to see who can collect the most toys, printing fliers and posting information online gets me excited before the toy drive even starts. Maybe it’s part of me that never left my first childhood. Maybe it’s seeing the looks on the Toys For Tots volunteers faces every time I bring a truck load of toys in. Maybe it’s the knowledge that our toy drive means more local kids who might otherwise not be excited about Christmas morning, do get to be excited and experience the wonder of Christmas.

Maybe it’s all of it. And it’s the stories that tell of how people participate in our toy drive. With only two years under our belt, I can tell you a number of heartwarming stories.

  • During the first year of the toy drive, I expected to collect a couple hundred toys among all the stores. We ended up with 772 toys that year. I remember my South Hill store calling to tell me that one of their customers had almost filled up their boxes after going on a shopping spree with his grandsons to buy toys to donate. No sooner did we pick up the toys and empty their box, they called to tell me the box was already half full again. The toys we just picked up were still en route to our Tacoma store.  We began calling our South Hill store, “The South Pole.”
  •  One of the first donations of toys our Tacoma store received consisted of about a half dozen handmade toys. Wooden cars, trucks, and boats.
  • An employee at our medical division was on a winning streak at the casino. More toys in their boxes in 2011 usually meant two things 1) she had won at the casino again and 2) she had spent her winnings on toys for Toys For Tots.
  • Receiving this fax in 2012 from “The South Pole”, indicating their goal for the Toy Drive was to collect half of the toys to reach the company wide goal of 1000 toys.


  •    Last year while on vacation during the toy drive, I logged into Facebook to discover our downtown Puyallup store had posted a photo of boxes dropped off at their location, consisting of over 1400 toys.  Company wide we collected 2777 toys for Toys For Tots.

This year’s toy drive officially kicks off today. Though I have to admit, the majority of our stores put our boxes out earlier this week.  The window display advertising the toy drive in Tacoma went up Monday.  I don’t know if we’ll collect 2777 toys again this year, but we’d sure like to try.

If you want to participate in the Toys For Tots Toy Drive, all you have to do is drop off new, unwrapped toys at any of our locations, including American Medical Rental & Supply and American Party Place between now and December 23. From there, we take them to the Toys For Tots Warehouse for sorting and distribution to local children.

To those have you that have participated in our toy drive in the past, thank you. Thank not only for helping local children and families in need, but totally exceeding the expectations I had for this toy drive when it began. Thank for embracing the Toys For Tots Toy Drive and joining with us in reaching out to the community.