Bust A Move With A Jack Hammer

Posted: January 7, 2014 by Bunce Rental in Uncategorized

We have all heard or used the term “Jackhammer”, which in general refers to a heavy tool used to break hard substances such as concrete, asphalt, or pavement into pieces by a repeated pounding action.  It is a tool that sounds like a simple solution to bust up concrete or other hard surfaces – just rent one and bust away!  But not so fast…

The type of material and application you are working with will determine the type of hammer and tool bits (point, chisel, spade, etc.) you will need to efficiently complete your job.  For example, if you are breaking concrete the thickness of the concrete will determine the type of hammer and tool bit required.

Jackhammers or breakers are available in several sizes (many classified by weight) and can be electric, gasoline, pneumatic or hydraulic powered.  They also have many uses including: breaking concrete, cutting asphalt, digging, driving fence posts, driving rods and spikes and tamping or compacting soil.  In our next blog we will describe the assortment of bits available for the hammers that provide options to tackle the toughest demolitions jobs.

Electric Chipping Hammers and Breakers

45# electric hammerElectric hammers and breakers are great for smaller jobs.  They are extremely portable and easy to use.  The 30 lb. Electric Hammer or “chipping hammer” is a drill-like tool, such as a Bosch, which can be used for chipping away thin concrete, mortar, bricks, or any tile (ceramic, porcelain, etc).  These tools excel at removing tile from floors and walls, and also at removing patchwork from concrete surfaces.  The 45 lb. Electric Hammer is easier to use on walls and from scaffold than the bigger 60lb hammer.  It is ideal for tearing down old fireplaces or breaking down block/brick walls.  The 60 lb. Electric Hammer is the industry standard for breaking up concrete indoors or out (up to 4” thick).

Gasoline Powered Hammers

With no compressors, hoses or cords to set up, a 65 lb. gas-powered hammer is ideal for many jobs.  They are indispensable for tasks that involve moving along a line, from position to position or for working in remote, inaccessible locations.  They work best for concrete jobs up to 4” thick.

Pneumatic Hammers

60# air hammerPneumatic or “air hammers” use compressed air as the power source.  The air supply comes from a large (usually towable) air compressor.  We typically match up our hammers with our 185 CFM Air Compressor, making the hammers good for larger jobs, particularly if the concrete is more than 4” deep.  The compressed air provides the extra power to chip away at and bust up the concrete.  Pneumatic hammers will typically do the job faster than electric hammers too, especially if there is more concrete to break up.  We carry pneumatic chipping hammers; rivet busters and 60lb or 90lb jackhammers.


Hydraulic Jack Hammer

Hydraulic BreakerThe skid steer (Bobcat) hydraulic jackhammer attachment (Breaker Hammer) is the tool of choice when you have a large concrete removal project on your to-do list.  It works best for larger demolition jobs, such as tearing down block walls, poured concrete, concrete slabs, floors and footings.

Remember to take property safety precautions when using any jackhammer or breaker and always wear protective clothing, gloves, eye and hearing protection.


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