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Not All Stones Are Created Equal

Posted: March 11, 2014 by Bunce Rental in Concrete, floors

Sometimes a grinding stone isn’t the only or best solution when using our concrete surface grinders.  Available in various grits for coarse or fine polishing, Silicon-Carbide Stones are an economical choice for such applications as smoothing trowel marks or rough finishes and leveling high spots less than 1/16 inch.  However, these stones can clog easily, which can make them inefficient at removing most coatings.

Tungsten-carbide inserts (Strip-Serts) and diamond grinding inserts (Dyma-Serts) remove surface coatings with greater speed and efficiency.  Strip-Serts are carbide-tipped blocks with beveled edges that can strip heavier buildups or coatings without digging into the concrete.  Their removal action, which is similar to using a scraper, works best in materials thicker than 1/16 inch.  Applications include removing adhesives, thick paints, resins, tar, industrial buildups and rubber deposits.  For profiling work and removal of thin-film coatings or coatings with high hardness values, such as urethanes and epoxies, Dyma-Serts are generally the best solution.

With the right tool, our concrete floor grinders can remove a variety of coatings and chemicals as well as create other textures or effects.

Because our friends at EDCO, Inc. explain the differences between the tools and their applications so well, we encourage you to check out their web page for more information on Strip-Serts, Dyma-Serts, and Grinding Stones,


Tile It Up

Posted: March 5, 2014 by Bunce Rental in floors, Home Improvement
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electric tile stripper

Electric Tile Stripper

It’s amazing how quickly if happens.  Your floor tile, linoleum, or glued down carpet is starting to show the wear-and-tear of time and your ready for a change.  Whether you plan on changing a single room or updating your entire home, an electric floor Tile Stripper is the tool used by professionals and homeowners to remove that old floor covering so you can install your new floor.

The electric tile stripper effectively and quickly removes tile, vinyl tile, linoleum, VCT, and carpet using a single, razor-sharp blade that oscillates at 2000 strokes per minute.  In fact, it removes almost any accumulation from concrete or wood floors and leaves the surface smooth and ready for refinishing.

manual tile striper

Manual Tile Stripper

These walk-behind units are easy to operate – just plug it in and turn in on.  The stripper does the work with no hard pushing.  Let us know if your sub-flooring is wood or concrete and we’ll match up the correct cutting blade for your job.

If your tile removal job is small, then a manual tile stripper will do the job.  It uses the same blades as the electric tile stripper and works great in small, tight or close-in areas.

 Safety First:  During normal operation, sound levels can be above normal so ear protection must be worn at all times while operating the electric Tile Stripper.  Always wear appropriate eye protection, clothing and footwear.  Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry that can get tangled in moving parts. Footwear should provide sure footing and protection.