Tile Cutting Made Easy!

Posted: April 29, 2014 by Bunce Rental in Home Improvement, tool rentals
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We continue our foray into floor cleaning, sanding, removal, and installation by focusing on installing tile floors, more specifically cutting the tiles to fit your floor.

A tile saw is a piece of equipment similar to an electric mitre saw that uses a diamond abrasive cutting blade and a water cooling system. For this reason, it is often called simply a “wet saw”. A tile saw is invaluable when you have to make fine cuts to fit edges, corners or slivers and for cutting stone or other hard tiles. If you need to make special cuts, such as L-shaped cuts or internal cutouts, a tile saw is essential. At Bunce Rental, we carry several different tile saws and cutters for cutting tile, vinyl, block or pavers.

Wet Tile Saw

24" Wet Tile SawOur wet tile saws come in two different sizes – 10” and 24” – for cutting tiles of those respective sizes. As mentioned above, these saws use a diamond abrasive blade to grind through the tile, while water circulates to prevent blade wear and overheating of the saw. We stock three different styles of diamond blades, each dependent on the material you’re cutting. For tiles, we have blades for ceramic or porcelain. The third blade is a masonry blade for cutting bricks and pavers. The saws also come with the proper accessories for cutting angles and straight lines.


Manual Tile Cutters


Manual Tile Cutter Vinyl

Manual Tile Cutters are great if you have just a few tiles to cut or need to cut tiles to fit around odd shaped objects. We have several styles available to cut ceramic tile and vinyl tiles.

Ring Tile Saw

The ring tile saw is primarily for cutting curves that the wet tile saws and manual tile cutters can’t cut as easily. To learn more about this particular tile saw check out the manufacturer’s website http://www.geminisaw.com/revolutionxt.html


Ring Tile Saw

In getting ready to write this blog, we ran across some great articles online on using tile saws. So great in fact, we’ve opted just to highlight the different tile cutters and saws we carry and let the articles we found explain more about using tile saws.

The Tile Home Guide explains the different saws with a little more in depth information and also has plenty of other articles on different strategies for laying your tile including – how to make the space look bigger.


The DIY Network has an article explaining in more detail how to use a wet tile saw. http://www.diynetwork.com/home-improvement/using-a-tile-wet-saw/index.html. They also have an article on cutting and installing tile around obstacles http://www.diynetwork.com/how-to/how-to-cut-and-install-tile-around-obstacles/index.html.

Safety First

Always plug the saw into a GFCI-protected outlet. When operating the saw wear safety glasses and hearing protection. Do not wear loose-fitting clothes or jewelry. Use both hands to guide the tile through the blade and keep your fingers away from the blade.


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