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14floorpolisherA question we hear a lot is “what is the difference between a Floor Polisher, Floor Machine, Floor Buffing Machine, Floor Scrubber or Floor Stripper?” The answer is “nothing” – they are all the same machine!

At Bunce Rental, we refer to these machines as “Floor Polishers”. You will also see a floor polisher referred to as a “Swing Machine” due to the swing motion the machines have when you operate them. As you can imagine, they are very versatile units. We carry a number of attachments to meet a variety of needs for caring and working on your floors. This includes buffing and scrubbing pads, polishing and scrubbing brushes, floor sanding, and concrete grinding or surface prep attachments.

Pads and Pad Drivers

Using pads with our floor polishers will allow you to do one of three things – strip, clean, or buff your linoleum, tile, and vinyl type floors. An industry standard color-coding system for low-speed floor pads can help you select the right pad for your job. In general, the lighter the pad color, the less coarse or aggressive the pad. We stock pad colors in white, tan (beige), green and black.

Buffing pads (white/tan) are lightest in color and remove scuff marks and dirt from floors. Cleaning pads (green) are designed to clean a little more aggressively than buffing pads, and remove dirt off a floor’s surface without removing the floor finish. Slightly more aggressive than cleaning pads are scrubbing pads (black). They will remove the top layer or two of wax, along with scratches and dirt.

There are also a variety of different chemicals you can use with the pads to help you accomplish your purpose. Check with your local cleaning supply store to learn what chemicals work best to clean, strip or polish your floors.

Brush Attachments

Brushes are used to clean and/or wax the floors. Like the pads, they can be used with chemicals designed to clean or polish the floors. They are available with bristles of varying stiffness and abrasiveness, depending on whether it’s to be used for scrubbing, buffing or stripping.

Grinding Attachments

Grinding attachments are designed to turn the floor polisher into a concrete grinder. Like the concrete grinder, the grinding attachments can use grinding stones, strip-serts, and dyma-serts. The uses and applications for these attachments are outlined in our previous blog post, “Not All Stones Are Created Equal.

Sanding Attachments

Sanding attachments turn a floor polisher into a 16” disk floor sander for sanding and refinishing floors and decks or removing material (paint, texture etc.) from concrete. With a variety of grits of sandpaper available, you can just lightly refinish your floors with finer grits or sand rougher areas of the floor smooth.

Safety First

Basic safety rules should be followed when using a floor polisher. Always use safety goggles and do not wear loose fitting clothing while operating the polisher. Never leave a floor polisher plugged in when unattended and do not store the polisher with the pad/brush on the machine.

Do not operate a floor polisher near flammable fluids, dust or vapors – this could cause a fire hazard. If using floor cleaners and waxes, ensure that they are intended for machine application and understand all information printed on the product Safety Data Sheet.


Maintenance of equipment while on a job site wouldn’t be our first choice to cover in blog post. But even with the best laid plans and service before it goes out, equipment sometimes doesn’t perform to expectation on the job site.  It’s an unpleasant reality of using equipment and tools. When that happens we’ll do our best to get the equipment up and running so you can finish your project.

If you’ve rented equipment and it is not working like it should,  call the store you rented it from right away.  Even if it’s something minor, you feel you could make do with it, give us a call to let us know there is a problem.  We want to make sure your job goes as smoothly as possible.

Depending on the circumstances of the equipment malfunction, we have a variety of options available.

1) Phone Consultation. Sometimes the equipment needs just a slight adjustment such as a switch flipped on or the machine needs to be set on more level ground. Minor fixes such as this can be done over the phone.

2) On-site Repairs. With some lines of equipment, we may opt to send a service technician to the  job site to determine if the equipment can be repaired. If the equipment can be repaired on-site, the service will go ahead and do so. If the equipment cannot be repaired on-site, the equipment will be taken back to the shop and arrangements made to exchange equipment or reschedule if possible.

3) Repairs In-Store and/or Equipment Exchange.  If the machine can’t be fixed over the phone or on-site, we recommend exchanging it for a different machine. With many of our smaller tool & equipment lines, we generally carry a surplus of equipment and can exchange the equipment quicker than repairing the equipment on the job site.  If we do not have a replacement available, we will work with you to reschedule.

Equipment repairs and malfunctions are inconvenient and we wish they didn’t happen. However, when they do happen, we want to ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible. So if the equipment you rented is not working properly please call us. We will do everything we can to get it working properly and keep your project on track.

Seminar Recap

Posted: May 16, 2012 by Bunce Rental in equipment rental, hardwood floors, Home Improvement, tool rentals

Thank you to everyone who attended our Hardwood Floor Sanding Seminar earlier this month.  We hope that you found Jim Wolfe’s information and advice helpful in completing your own project. If  you didn’t have a chance to attend the seminar, we’ve provided links to a number of resources Essex Silverline has on their website for refinishing and installing hardwood floors. Or if you stop by our Tacoma store (4516 South Tacoma Way), we can provide of a copy of  a “How-To” DVD from Essex Silverline covering the same topics as the seminar.

Essex Silverline Rep., Jim Wolfe discusses the purpose of using a Floor Edger to sand a hardwood floor.

Thank you to Jim Wolfe for spending the day with us and providing his assistance expertise to put on the seminars. He not only made sure that we had a host of How-To materials to hand out to attendees and others, he built the floor used for the demonstration.

Jim Wolfe demonstrates the use of the drum sander.

Having the floor to demonstrate on also gave attendees the opportunity to try out the different sanding machines for themselves.

The attendees weren’t the only ones who learned something new. Some of our employees were able to learn a few things as well by attending the seminar.

Jim Wolfe gives assistant manager, Jason Riley, a few pointers on using the Floor Edger.

Given the positive response our first seminar has received, we are thrilled to announce that we are planning another seminar for the fall. As yet the topic is to be determined. We are currently seeking ideas on topic to feature at the next seminar as well as ideas for seminars in 2013. We’ve provided a three question to survey in which you can let us know what topics you would be interested in attending a seminar on.

Click here to take survey

From all of us here at Bunce Rental, have a wonderful week and enjoy the gorgeous weather that has finally arrived.