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With colder temperatures coming our way, we felt it was time to share some tips for using some of our equipment in cold weather.

  1.  Pressure Washers – Must be stored some place where they cannot freeze during colder temperatures.  If the fluids inside the pressure washer freeze, this can cause damage to the water pump and hoses.
  2. Carpet /Rug Cleaners – Similar to a pressure washer, carpet cleaners have a water pump.  Take care to store carpet cleaners in a warm place so they will be safe from freezing temperatures.
  3.   U-Cart Concrete – Call us to see if the concrete batch plant is up and running during colder temperatures.  The batch plant may need time to thaw before we can mix concrete.
  4.   Using a tool that requires a 2-cycle fuel mix?  Make sure to start these up periodically even you’re not using them.  That way when you do need to use the tool, it will be easier to start and use.
  5.   Give equipment a chance to warm up.  Let the equipment run for 3-4 minutes before putting it in gear.  Hydraulic equipment such as Bobcats and Dingos are prone to significant damage from immediate use.  The oils need to thin out and warm up for the equipment to be effective.

It is really important to take extra care during the cold weather season. Freezing water in the pump, lines and/or heating coils of any equipment is susceptible to damage if not winterized or stored in a warm area.



Our Tacoma store received a new shipment of 2700 PSI pressure washers, along with a new 4000 PSI pressure washer and scrubber brush attachment from Pressure Pro.

PressurePro 2700 PSI Pressure Washer

The PressurePro 2700 PSI pressure washer, along with our 2500 PSI pressure washers from Simpson and Shark, give you the washing power you need to clean grime and dirt from sidewalks, driveways, fences, and houses.

PressurePro 4000 PSI Pressure Washer & Surface Cleaner Attachment

Our 3500-4000 PSI pressure washers with a surface cleaning or scrubber brush attachment provide the extra washing power needed to clean those harder to pressure wash spots.