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Adding wall and ceiling texture can give your room richness and depth – it’s a great way to easily (and affordably) give a classy look to your drywall! Let’s look at the different types of texture machines available to rent from Bunce Rental. We’ll also talk about the importance of having a good drywall-mud mix.

 Goldblatt Pattern Pistol Sprayer Hopper

Where to find TEXTURE SPRAY RIG in TacomaThe Goldblatt Classic Pattern Pistol and Hopper has been the professional’s choice of texture sprayers for decades. The complete texture unit includes a high capacity air compressor, which attaches to the spray gun/hopper with an air hose. The spray gun comes with two interchangeable air stem nozzles to double the range of patterns and spray pressures. The smaller 3/32-inch air nozzle will give even texture, even at maximum pressures. The larger 1/8-Inch nozzle ensures great patterns at a lower pressure range. The orifice wheel allows you to make easy pattern changes, while the trigger stops ensure the pattern is consistent.

Graco RTX 900 Texture Sprayer

Graco Texture Sprayer

Graco Texture Machine

This RTX900 is ideal for both small contractors and DIY’ers looking to spray high-quality texture finishes with a simple, self-contained machine. This sprayer contains a large 8-gallon capacity hopper, which is attached to a high capacity on-board air compressor. A material and air hose attaches to the machine and feeds the air spray trigger nozzle. This allows the unit to deliver a smooth material flow for uniform coverage and a consistent spray pattern. The sprayer has four different nozzle sizes for popcorn, orange peel, splatter and knockdown texture patterns.

Mixing Drywall Mud

While it is possible to buy texturing compound, many drywall professionals use regular drywall joint compound, or mud. It can be found as a pre-mix or as a powder. Pre-mixed mud has been blended with water, but it’s not smooth. If you want smooth, even walls, and the right consistency for texturing, you have to mix both the pre-mixed or powdered mud. Depending on the type of texture you plan to apply, you may have to make the mixture slightly looser than the mud you used for taping seams, or you may have to make it pourable, like paint. To properly mix the mud you will need a mixing tool or “texture paddle”, which fastens to a power drill. In addition to a mixing tool and a drill, you’ll also need a clean, empty bucket with a secure lid.

Getting the consistency of the mud right is the most critical part of this project. If the consistency’s wrong it won’t come out of the hopper well if at all. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s directions for mixing the mud. We recommend that you mix the texture in a 5-gallon bucket with a lid and keep the lid on the bucket when not using the texture. If the texture dries out, hard specks in the mixture can make it more difficult to apply. Also, make sure you cover the floor around the mixing bucket with plastic to catch splatters. Always practice your preferred texturing method on a piece of cardboard or a discreet wall (e.g. inside your closet) before using it on an exposed wall.

 Safety First

When operating a texture sprayer you must wear appropriate protective equipment to help protect you from serious injury, including eye injury, inhalation of toxic fumes, burns, and hearing loss. This equipment includes but is not limited to: Protective eyewear, Clothing and respirator as recommended by the fluid and solvent manufacturer, Gloves and Hearing Protection


While honey bees aren’t typically associated as a home improvement or a lawn and garden project, the recent swarm provided a learning opportunity for our staff at the Tacoma store.

When the swarm first appeared one sunny afternoon and perched in a tree located at our back lot, we were faced with a dilemma of what to do with the honey bees. Having just left their previous hive, splitting from the rest of the colony, and full of honey, these bees were lethargic and would have been difficult to irritate. However, on Washington Street near a noisy rental yard in an industrial area would pose a hazard for them as well as our staff and customers.

As a protected species and important to pollinating food crops and plants, our only option was to move them somewhere else. One of our mechanics, Dan, put in a phone call to a friend in Montana to find out what could be done about moving the bees elsewhere. His recommendation was to start with the Washington State Department of Agriculture and contact them about sending someone to move the bees.

When I got to the section of their website pertaining to honey bees, I found a link to the Washington State Beekeepers Association. From there I was able to find a link to the Pierce County Beekeepers Association.  On their home page was a phone number for reporting swarms of honey bees. I left a message and by the afternoon, one of their members had arrived to move the bees. Armed with a box hive and a bucket on pole, the beekeeper herded the bees into the hive, his goal specifically to get the queen bee into the hive. Once the queen bee moved to the box hive, the other bees would follow her attracted by her scent.

Once 90% of the hive was in the box, the beekeeper loaded up the bee-filled box hive into his vehicle. They would be relocated to his bee farm. Most of the remaining bees that were not herded into the hive would follow on their own.

Mike Blaisdell
General Manager/Vice President

Every year, as the seasons change from winter to spring, we all become motivated to take on those many projects in and around our homes.  Hiring a professional is one option to tackling your project, but many times that can be very expensive; whereas doing the project yourself and renting equipment to complete the job can be the better, cost-effective option.

So, why does renting make sense?

Well, imagine you have a garage or shed with every tool you can imagine.  You just walk in and get exactly the right tool for the job.  That is what a full service rental store is – that large garage with the tools you need, when you need them, ensuring the right equipment for the job.

Then imagine having someone willing to offer useful advice and tips to get you started on your project the right way.  Again, that is what a full service rental store does – you won’t have to spend hours researching or reading a manual trying to figure out how to select or use the right equipment for your job.

Another advantage to renting equipment is you don’t need to worry about storing the equipment or having it sit in a corner or on a shelf in your garage gathering dust – when your finished, you simply return it to the rental store.

You also don’t need to worry about maintenance – rental equipment includes full service and maintenance.  Since all equipment is subject to occasional breakdowns, when rental equipment fails it can be replaced and your repair costs are eliminated.

Renting also gives you the opportunity to use top of the line tools and equipment rather than buying and using cheaper low-cost equipment, designed not to last.  Renting the equipment you need is a fast, easy and cost-effective solution to getting your job done.

Choosing to rent equipment for your projects really does make sense.  Otherwise, you can find yourself spending more time shopping for the right tool at the best price instead of getting the job done.  At Bunce Rental we have your equipment rental needs covered.  Our equipment rental specialists are here to provide you with all the information you need to select the right equipment to help complete your job.

Remember, it makes sense to rent!