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Sheetrock Jack or Drywall Lift

Sheetrock Jack or Drywall Lift

While working with my father many years ago, I was introduced to a fantastic tool – a sheetrock jack. My father was finishing his garage and as we were hanging the drywall to the ceiling, I learned of the importance of using a sheetrock jack, otherwise known as a “drywall lift”. To properly and safely hang drywall on a ceiling, a sheetrock jack is invaluable. It saves you the risk of injury, as well as broken drywall sheets by hoisting the sheets into place and keeping them in position while you drive-in the fasteners.

At Bunce Rental, we rent professional duty grade sheetrock or drywall jacks. The jack consists of a pivoting rack with adjustable arms that can hold full or partial sheets of drywall. The rack is attached to a trolley by a telescoping hoist that you raise or lower with a crank. What is great about this tool is by using a drywall jack, a single worker can drywall a ceiling without a helper. Our jacks break-down into three parts for easy transport; the legs that stabilize it on the floor, the lift which extends to give you extra height, and the panel holder or rack, which holds the drywall either horizontally, vertically, or at an angle.

Check out the video below, which shows how to use a sheet rock jack.,,20045376,00.html

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